An Overview of FR4 Over Copper Bases
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An Overview of FR4 Over Copper Bases

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To put it simply, FR4 PCB are the new printed circuit boards with FR4 lamination. Most all PCBs manufactured nowadays are made from FR4 (Flake Retardant level 4) which is a form of laminate. Many companies and small companies produce FR4 PCB. The question in mind is that why would anyone use the other kind of material for their PCB?

To put simple, FR4 provides a very easy to install, low cost option for any type of high-frequency circuit boards. With this, you can get a board within your production planning and at the same time easily change over to another product if you need to do so. Most all PCB manufacturers offer a FR4 to produce and ship to you, but it is also important that you look into the quality and functionality of each option so you can choose the best one for your specific needs. For instance, some of them have better characteristics than others, which will help you choose the right one for your circuit.

Some of the benefits of FR4 as an option over other materials include: stable impedance, minimum heat build up, and consistency in board function. Another benefit is the long lasting, and extremely low cost of the product. Being low cost, these products also help reduce material usage for manufacturing, thereby reducing waste in operations. In addition, having a stable impedance to several different solutions, and providing a consistent, high-frequency design is another great benefit of using these laminates in high-frequency designs.

When choosing a FR4 PCB base, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first factor is the size of your circuit. Since the surface area of these laminates is typically larger than most printed circuit board surface areas, you will want to consider how much space you have available on the top of your bench top or your workbench. Next, you must take into consideration the complexity of your design and what you want to accomplish.

There are several common PCB surface materials, including copper, brass, aluminum, and nickel. Copper has been the most popular of these due to its durability and cost effectiveness, although it creates some signal loss. You should consider the cost of labor and the cost of maintaining the lamination. Some people opt for nickel-based laminates because they are more resistant to moisture. Some also prefer the flat appearance of nickel over copper.

Some of the other factors to consider include the RF interference resistance and the thickness of your lamination. Copper laminated circuit boards are typically used for high-frequency applications such as medical devices and telecommunications systems. However, you can also find these types of laminates used in other applications where an electrical current is required. The thickness of your FR4 coating will depend on the application and the type of RF equipment you need to protect. Finally, you should consider how long it will take for your product to be produced. Generally, these laminates can be produced on a single roll of film and have a life expectancy of up to twenty years.



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