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Copper Printed Circuit Boards

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A copper printed circuit board is a type of electronic board, in which the copper is plated on the board. The thickness of the copper layer on the PCB depends on the board's weight, and thicker copper features will require more space between them. The thickness of copper is often determined by the manufacturing facility's capabilities. For example, copper plated circuit boards are thinner than those made from other materials. But they still contain copper, which is the most common material used in electronic devices.

Typical FR-4 substrates feature 1 oz per square foot of copper. Thicker boards use 2 oz per square foot of copper, and ultra-heavy copper circuit boards require a larger surface area. The ft.2 factor also influences the thickness of a copper foil, determining how thick it can be plated. Thick copper foils are more expensive, and the thickness of a finished board depends on the type of plating.

Copper pouring is a common method used on the inner layers. During this process, a copper pour is applied to the copper surface. This copper pour helps bond the layers to each other. The etched pattern is then transferred onto the substrate. The etched pattern is then processed as normal. Sometimes, a hatched copper pour is used to prevent bending. In any case, panelization is essential for boards with components near the edges.

The thickest copper PCB is known as heavy copper. It contains three ounces of copper on the external and internal layers. It can also be considered extreme copper, meaning it contains more than four ounces of copper per square foot. Heavy copper, on the other hand, contains more than three ounces of copper per square foot. A heavy copper layer is useful for high-current circuits. Furthermore, it helps dissipate heat effectively.

Copper is also widely used in multilayer boards, where alternating layers of material are laminated to one another. Copper clad laminate is an example of a copper-clad board. In addition to copper, this type of board also contains a layer of unetched copper. The two types of board stock have different uses. Some copper-clad laminates are used to protect the inner copper layers. The cladding may be copper or a plastic.

The clad of copper helps in reducing the thermal resistance of the PCB. In addition, a thick copper circuit can withstand the mechanical stresses of thermal cycling. Further, copper clad laminates can have multiple layers and weights. A copper clad laminate can also have multiple layers, which increases the overall current density. In addition, the copper clad laminate can be made into planar windings that reduce the skin effect.



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