LCM Display Screens for Automotive Industries
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LCM Display Screens for Automotive Industries

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Plastic Cardboard and LCD Display Screen Manufacturing is the latest buzzword in the world of technology. The concept of using these two technologies together in a perfect way to provide an effective display solution has attracted several big players in the market. There are many benefits that can be grabbed by adopting this concept, but before we discuss about them, let us understand the working process of these two technologies. Both these technologies are known for their high performance in the business applications.

Plastic Cardboards: This is a new-age technology that combines the function of a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) and a LCD or plasma display. Using a printed circuit board (PCB) that contains various LED's (light emitting diodes), the image is displayed on the transparent plastic card. The advantage of using this kind of display is that it is easy to manufacture, consumes less electricity, provides high contrast ratio and good resolution. Plastic cardboards are the best options when you want to replace your existing display units. Another prominent benefit that one can grab from using this display is that these are very cheap in comparison with other TFT and LCD alternatives.

The next option available is the use of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology in the form of Liquid Crystal Displays. Using a semi-conductor liquid solution, the image is projected onto the transparent surface of the card. Using the latest technology, the size of the projection on the card is variable and can be precisely adjusted as per the requirement of the user. These types of LCD's are flexible and display more vibrant colors, high resolution and high contrast ratios compared to the plastic cardboards.

When it comes to the usage of these two different technologies, both offer their own set of advantages that can be utilized in the electronic market. It all depends on the end-user and the price factor. Using an LCD display offers higher color resolution, clearer images and greater brightness than the CRT displays. It also consumes less power. Also, the Light Emitting Diodes or LED technology fitted in the screens allow a bright, crisp image and eliminates any kind of glare. One can see all the colors in the screen with maximum resolution.

On the other hand, plastic cardboards uses a highly specialised technique to manufacture the displays. The material used for making these LCD screens is of high quality and is usually a result of long and complex process. To manufacture plastic display panels, thermoplastic is used which provides a long life. These screens are available in wide range of sizes and also in a variety of color options.

You can choose the plastic cardboard display system that suits your requirements and budget. There are many such display systems that come with a control interface kit. The use of this kit makes the unit user friendly and easy to operate. Whether you need to create a standard display or a customized one for your industry related needs, the LCD for Plastic Cardboards can be a perfect solution for you.



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